10 Hari Gelisah Menulis (regram dari @sueddz)

Unity in diversity.

Hello,  today I’m gonna tell you about my cup of tea: music.  I like music, well actually I like “to listen music”. Ever since I was kid I always like to listen music.
I don’t really have a favorite genre. Pop, rock, jazz, dangdut, keroncong, hindi, korean, thai etc as long as it sounds good,  I’ll listen to it.

Have you ever heard that different genres could make a beautiful and awesome collaboration?  If you haven’t try this formula: Pop + Jazz + Keroncong = Epic Creation = Keroncong In Lounge.

Keroncong In Lounge by Safitri.
There are 4 albums that contains west song rearranged in local music. Many popular song had been covered by her such as : Can’t help falling in love,  something stupid,  fly me to the moon, oh carol,  when i fall in love,  beautuful girl,  hawaiian wedding song etc.
If you like love song,  try this, for Safitri make a sweet love song become even sweeter 😁😁 My two favorite songs are fly me to the moon and when i fall in love.  Perfect lullaby that probably would keep your sleep from nightmare (eaakk 😜😜) If you get bored of that 2016-2017 edm and pop music, I suggest you to check this one out. (Image taken from google) .

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